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Belgian Floorball Federation

Submitted by Rossana on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 09:00

This Privacy Statement concerns the data processing of the BFF for the administration of players, referees and competitive matches as well as the dissemination of results and in order to enable fans and players alike to learn about and enjoy Belgian floorball.

This processing requires the handling of personal data and is therefore subject to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.



1. What personal information do we collect, for what purpose and by what means?


a)  For reasons of practical organisation, clubs provide the following data:

  • „ Personal details of club and team representatives: last name, first name, email.

b)  Moreover, the personal data processed in the registration phase at the beginning of the season are necessary for the registration of players, to create licensed players lists for the purpose of competition, to determine eligibility to compete, to create referee lists and to update the BFF website with the latest data. During the registration phase, clubs provide the following data:

  • „  Personal details of players: last name, first name, gender, date of birth, nationality, email;

  • „  Team affiliation: the teams and categories in which players compete;

  • „  Licences.

Data in the registration phase and for the practical organisation are submitted by the clubs directly in the BFF Web App (

c)  In the preparatory phase of a season, the refereeing capacity of the BFF is ensured by candidate referees manifesting their interest by taking referee tests. During the preparatory phase, the following data are processed:

  • „ Personal details of candidate referees: last name, first name, date of birth, email.

Data are processed by way of referee tests.

d)  Further to the registration, in the competitive phase data are processed relating to results, match events and refereeing activities. This allows for the competitive functioning of the BFF. During the competitive phase, the following additional data are processed: „

  • Player results: match records, including players, roles, officials, match secretary, referees and match events (such as scores, penalties, results and remarkable conditions);
  • Refereeing: referees, games refereed, licences.

Data during the competitive phase are encoded by the organising clubs on the BFF app and original match records are submitted electronically and on paper to the BFF.

e)  For the national teams, further data may be processed, as required by the IFF. This processing is covered separately.

f)  Audiovisual material (photographs, video recordings, etc.) may be collected at events of the BFF and may capture the likeness of players, officials, referees and spectators, to be used for dissemination purposes on the BFF website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram).

The data processing is thus either within the legitimate interests of our operations (i.e., player registration, referees and referee activities, match results and events) and or based on the implicit consent for the use of information including audio-visual material, through registration as a player or referee or by participating in BFF events as a spectator, player, official, Match Secretariat member or BFF referee.


2. Who has access to information and how is it processed?

Clubs are responsible for the initial collection and processing of data, and, in order to comply with the rules on personal data protection, must be provided with the consent of the individual data subjects. Data are subsequently transferred to and further processed by the BFF via the BFF app. Only BFF staff have access to the complete data; clubs have access to the data they encode.

Licensed players lists – which include name, gender, date of birth and team affiliation – are made available to competing clubs and referees, for the purpose of checking eligibility and organising league days. Likewise, referee lists are made available to clubs for organisational purposes.

Data is also published online on the BFF website: The data published include: name, gender, date of birth, team affiliation, player results, refereeing activities.

At the request of the insurance company of the BFF, some data may be disclosed to confirm registration.

Audio-visual material may be published on the BFF website or on its social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) with only the implicit consent of those depicted. Such material is used by the BFF for publicity purposes and may under no circumstances be used by third parties for commercial purposes without explicit written consent.


3. How do we protect and safeguard information?

Personal data of players and referees are stored electronically in encrypted folders.


4. How long do we keep the data?

Season results including name, gender, date of birth and affiliation(s) are kept for historical purposes to ensure an overview of affiliations and results. This data is stored for an indefinite period.

Likewise, audio-visual material published on the BFF website and on social media channels is available indefinitely.


5. How can data be verified, modified or deleted?

If data subjects wish to check, modify, correct or delete any personal data, they may refer such a request to the BFF by sending an email giving the details of the relevant processing to the mailbox indicated in point 6. The BFF will treat such requests responding within a month, and will resolve issues within three months from the receipt of the requests.

Independently, the website includes the functionality to anonymise the data by the data subject or club responsible (“Privacy mode”).

Audio-visual material may be deleted from the BFF website and social media channels upon explicit request of those portrayed.


6. Contact for information and access to data

If you would like to receive further information about the data we hold about you (following payment of an administrative fee), you can contact the BFF by sending an email to:

Brussels, 30 August 2019