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Belgian Floorball Federation

Submitted by Rossana on Wed, 05/08/2019 - 16:50
finals 2019

On Sunday 19 May, the playoffs finals of the Belgian Floorball Federation's Women's and Adults Leagues will be played!

Planning of the day:
09:00 Bronze game of the Women's League*
12:00 Tornado Brussels Floorball vs. Juventus Floorball Club
15:00 Gold game of the Women's League*

*Qualified teams: Fireballs Tielt, Floorballteam Strijtem, Juventus Floorball Club, Les Renards de La Hulpe. The exact schedule will be known after the Women's League semi-finals on 11 May.

A friendly youth tournament will be played with the U10 teams of Fireballs Tielt, Floorballteam Strijtem, TMD Aalst and Tornado Floorball Brussels:
- During the two breaks of the Final of the Women's League
and after the game.
- Medal distribution for all U10 League players & group picture at 17:45.

At 18:30 the big D1 final will be played: TMD Aalst vs. Fireballs Tielt to determine the champion of Belgium!

The prize ceremony of the 2018/19 season will take place at the same venue where the final will be played:
- The prizes for U13 and U16 will be awarded at 18:00.
- The prizes for U19 and Women during the first break of the final, and the prizes for D3, D2, third place D1 will be awarded during the second break.
- Right after the final, the two teams who played the final will receive their awards.

All day there will be an Unihoc Sales Booth and food and drinks will be available in the Cafeteria starting from 10:00 in the morning!

Don't miss out these thrilling matches! Be there!