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Belgian Floorball Federation

Submitted by Rossana on Tue, 04/09/2019 - 15:21
TMD Aalst

Congratulations to TMD Aalst for winning the Belgian Cup 2018/19!
The second place goes to FBC Stimulo Spartans and the third place to Tornado Brussels Floorball! 

Results of the finals played in La Hulpe yesterday: 
Les Renards de La Hulpe vs. Tornado Brussels Floorball 
2-5 (1-1 ; 1-2 ; 0-2) 
MVP (Les Renards de La Hulpe): Thomas Wilmus
MVP (Tornado Brussels Floorball): Lucas Balcinhas Godinho

FBC Stimulo Spartans vs. TMD Aalst 
5-7 (2-3 ; 1-3 ; 2-1) 
MVP (FBC Stimulo Spartans): Maarten De Groeve 
MVP (TMD Aalst): Lars De Maere

Topscorers of the Belgian Cup 2018/19: 
1. Lucas Balcinhas Godinho (14 points)
2. Martin Tombal (13 points) 
3. Nathan Vanderheyden (12 points)