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Belgian Floorball Federation

Submitted by Rossana on Tue, 04/02/2019 - 16:07
Referee courses

The referee courses before the summer break will take place on 4 May: 

a. Beginners course (Dutch) 
Instructors: Lars Lowie and Martijn Boucneau 
Address: Sporthal De Ponte, Sportlaan 3, 8700 Tielt 

b. Beginners course (French) 
Instructor: J. F. Greffe 
Address: Cultuurcentrum Den Blank, Begijnhof 11, 3090 Overijse

c. Advanced course (English) 
Instructor: Miko Määtta
Address: Cultuurcentrum Den Blank, Begijnhof 11, 3090 Overijse

- A successful theoretical exam is mandatory in order to obtain or maintain a referee licence. The exam will cover the IFF Rules of the Games, some chapters of the BFF League Rules 2019/20 and the BFF Match record 2019/20. 
- Referees with a licence in the season 2018/19 who do not take the theoretical exam for the new season are automatically downgraded by one level.
- Referees who want to pass the exam have to attend the course: 

  • C Licence referees or referees with no licence have to attend the beginners course. Referees who don't speak Dutch or French can attend the advanced course, even if they have a C Licence or no licence yet. 
  • B and B* Licence referees can choose if they want to attend the advanced or beginners course. 
  • A Licence referees have to attend the advanced course.
  • A+ licence referees are exempted from the theoretical exam, but are of course welcome to attend the course!

IFF Rules of the Game:

The course registration templates and BFF League Rules 2019/20 will be sent to the Clubs later this week. 

There will be other courses in September! 


Picture: Stef Guillaume