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Belgian Floorball Federation

Submitted by Rossana on Tue, 04/02/2019 - 10:30

The BFF would like to introduce the Referee Development Group (RDG). Kicked off this season, the RDG should fully start from the season 2019/20.

What is the RDG?
A project of the BFF Referee Committee, the RDG emphasises developing refereeing skills and increasing the overall quality of refereeing in floorball for its participants.

What are the RDG’s long-term goals?

  1. Contribute to start of home/away matches in D1.
  2. Professionalise the refereeing capacity of the BFF. 
  3. Develop Belgian IFF referees.

How does the RDG aim to achieve these goals?
By recruiting referees who are interested in refereeing more than required by their clubs. 
The BFF will provide guidance through additional trainings during the season and through feedback from observers. To gain more experience, these referees will also referee different matches than they would usually, due to a change in the referee nominations style for the RDG referees.

What will change in the season 2019/20?
Some of the U13, U16, U19 and D2 league days will be refereed by RDG referees, personally nominated by the BFF. Other league days will maintain the same pattern of nominationsthis depends on the number and availability of RDG members. 
The clubs will be informed before the start of the season when they have to referee.   

Is some action expected from me/my club?
No, but you can recommend referees from your club to join the RDG by contacting us at