Report national weekend U19

Report national weekend

The third national weekend was organised in Tielt and Affligem. The staff would like to thank Tielt and Juventus for providing their accommodation and for the matches. We also wish to thank the referees. This time we worked with a smaller selection and in total 24 players were selected. It was the first time that there were matches on the program. Saturday we played against Fireballs Tielt and Sunday against Juventus Bianconeri. After a brief discussion of the staff's expectations for this weekend and next season we started the training session.

Saturday, April 27

This weekend we paid much attention to the tactics and there was no shuttle run test. The first training session did not go smoothly. The exercises were performed correctly, but the passing was poor. The passes bumped too much and were given on the wrong side of the stick. The shots were initially not precise enough, but this improved as the training progressed. The tactical exercises were slightly better than the warm-up exercises, but were not great.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

In the second part of the day we played the match against Fireballs Tielt, second in Division 3. We started quite well in the match and with our pressing we gave Tielt a hard time in the beginning. We were able to get some chances and we pretty quickly came to the lead when Michiel Van Nieuwenhove sent Lars Lowie deep. Lars zigzagged through the defence of Tielt finished nicely. After 5 minutes in the first period Tielt took over the match and they scored almost immediately. After a one-two between Sander Kindt and Jarre Forment, Jarre fired the ball into the roof of the goal. Tielt continued to dominate the game and Sander Kindt was able to double the score goal 7 minutes later. Four minutes before the end of the period Joran Bruwaert made it 3-1 after a miscalculation in the defence.

After a scolding from the coaches we started better in the second period. Our pressure was better and we developed our own game. In the beginning of the second period we came back into the game after a nice combination. Pieter-Jan Maekelbergh dribbled a defender and gave a pass to Niels Van Geeteruyen who could score a sitter. Although both teams had plenty of chances only one goal was scored in the second period. Both goalies played an excellent game and were not going to let more goals in. Boris Carpentier had to surrender however, with 23 seconds remaining Jorn Baeyens scored assisted by Lars Lowie.

3-3 after two periods and the third period would thus determine who would be the winner. We continued in the third period on the momentum of the second period. In the beginning of the period Ruben Dobbelaere was imposed a 2 minute penalty for lying game. In our first powerplay of the game Florian Vernaillen exploited the man more situation. Florian got the ball from Dries Cosijns, he did not hesitate and shot the ball into the corner. A minute later Yens Sorgeloos, who had just been brought in, scored a beautiful goal in the top corner assisted by Alec Boutmans. With 11 minutes remaining Lars Lowie, the man of the match, assisted by Jorn Baeyens put the final score on the board.

After the game there were extra penalty shots taken. Lars Lowie, Luca Boutmans and Niels Van Geeteruyen scored their penalty shot. Tielt could only score once on penalty shots.

Belgium U19 - Fireballs Tielt 6-3

1-0: Lars Lowie (Michiel Van Nieuwenhove)
1-1: Jarre Forment (Sander Kindt)
1-2: Sander Kindt (/)
1-3: Joran Bruwaert (/)
2-3: Niels Van Geeteruyen (Pieter-Jan Maekelbergh)
3-3: Jorn Baeyens (Lars Lowie)
4-3: Florian Vernaillen (Dries Cosijns)
5-3: Yens Sorgeloos (Alec Boutmans)
6-3: Lars Lowie (Jorn Baeyens)

Penalty shots

Belgium U19

Fireballs Tielt

Luca Boutmans (scored)

Arpad Berteloot (missed)

Lars Lowie (scored)

Sander Kindt (missed)

Niels Van Geeteruyen (scored)

Mathieu Florin (scored)

Jorn Baeyens (missed)

Jarre Forment (missed)

Pieter-Jan Maekelbergh (missed)

Joran Bruwaert (missed)

Sunday, April 28

The training session on Sunday was sharp. Everyone played his best level and that would also be required today, because in the afternoon we played a match against Juventus Bianconeri, champions in Division 2. The focus was much better than Saturday and both the warm-up exercises and tactical exercises went much more smoothly.

The only place 'success' comes before 'work' is in the dictionary

The second match of the weekend was of a different size than the first. We had to be sharper at the start, work hard and play a collective strong match. We put Bianconeri under pressure right from the start and because we were well organised Juventus could never really develop their normal game. After fifteen minutes we took the lead. A long distance shot from Dries Cosijns assisted by Luca Boutmans surprised the keeper, but two minutes later Juventus equalized after a mistimed substitution. The organization was lost and the veterans of Juventus exploited this opportunity. Both teams were in balance during this period and it was mainly the two goalkeepers who prevented both teams scoring.

In the second period both goalies continued to play strong. Michiel Deleenheer, man of the match, saved us from conceding a goal. Two minutes before the end of the period the only goal of the period was scored when Michiel Van Nieuwenhove brought us back ahead on a cross from Alec Boutmans.

It was important not to weaken in the third period as Juventus put more and more pressure on our defence. We remained focused and fought for every inch. That was rewarded after 8 minutes with a beautiful goal from Niels Van Geeteruyen after a brilliant solo. Whoever thought the match was over, was wrong because Juventus fought back and found the connection after a goal by Daniel Andersson assisted by Victor De Decker. 3 minutes later Niels Van Geeteruyen scored again. Amaury Van Stichel passed the ball to Niels who could score into the open goal from a sharp angle. Juventus fought back again and Matthias Van Huylebroeck scored on an assist from Kevin Mattez. It seemed that Belgium would have a difficult end of the match, but Yens Sorgeloos thought differently. Yens that had just been brought proved himself to be a super-sub. Lars Lowie put the ball wide and Yens shot the ball besides the goalkeeper. 6 minutes before the end of the game we received a penalty shot, but it was however missed by Niels Van Geeteruyen and also on the subsequent powerplay we did not score. Juventus searched for the equalizer after the powerplay and gave our attackers more space in the rear. 30 seconds before the end of the match Thomas Evenepoel scored the last goal of the match after a one-two with Amaury Van Stichel

After the game there were extra penalty shots taken with just Niels Van Geeteruyen who scored his penalty shot. Juventus scored twice and won the penalty shootout.

Belgium U19 - Juventus Bianconeri 6-3

1-0: Dries Cosijns (Luca Boutmans)
1-1: Cooreman Kristof (Daniel Andersson)
2-1: Michiel Van Nieuwenhove (Alec Boutmans)
3-1: Niels Van Geeteruyen (/)
3-2: Daniel Andersson (Victor De Decker)
3-3: Niels Van Geeteruyen (Amaury Van Stichel)
4-3: Matthias Huylebroeck (Kevin Mattez)
5-3: Yens Sorgeloos (Lars Lowie)
6-3: Thomas Evenepoel (Amaury Van Stichel)

Penalty shots

Belgium U19

Juventus Bianconeri

Luca Boutmans (missed)

Kevin Speliers (missed)

Lars Lowie (missed)

Maverick Verhoeven (scored)

Niels Van Geeteruyen (scored)

Daniel Andersson (missed)

Ernest Georgin (missed)

Victor De Decker (missed)

Alec Boutmans (missed)

Giancarlo Lombardi (scored)


The coaching staff was very pleased with the results and the performance in the games. Despite our poor start against Tielt, we showed character and we could fight our way back into the game. For such a young team this is not so obvious and it is very positive that we didn’t give up when it got more difficult. Against Juventus Bianconeri we played very mature. The orders were well executed and we played as a team. We passed the first big test, but we will have to keep working hard. The staff asks to pay attention especially to the passing, communication and keep working on physics. In September a larger group will be selected. Afterwards, we will work with smaller selections to the WFCQ. Enjoy your victories and the summer holidays and see you next season.