New IFF Rules - Referee education and protective eyewear

Starting from next season, updated IFF Rules of Game will be applicable.

Two main remarks of how these new rules will impact the BFF: 

1) The referee training for 2018/19 will include compulsory courses for all referees (including A+ referees), since the referee courses will cover and explain the changes in the IFF rules.

2) One particular rule with regard to personal and protective equipment will impact on the BFF League Rules: “The IFF advise the National Associations to move to mandatory use of protective goggles for players under 17 years old during the validity period of these Game Rules and at the same time recommend the use for players under 19 years old.” 

The BFF Central Board decided to make the transition easier for clubs and players by focusing on the Û8, U10, U13 and U13 (girls) Leagues during an initial stage: “During U8, U10, U13 and U13 (girls) League games, all field players must wear protective goggles when being on the field. Field players have to wear protective goggles when entering the field. If a player loses the goggles during play, he may continue playing until the next interruption. All tampering with the goggles is prohibited.”  This new BFF League Rule will be valid as of the 2018/19 season.

The Central Board is aware of the fact that these glasses imply an extra effort for clubs, players and parents, but safety precautions are the main focus of this new BFF League Rule.

IFF recommends the following with regard to protective goggles: “When personal protection equipment such as (…) protective goggles are concerned, these are CE-marked and not necessarily marked with the IFF logotype. IFF however recommends those that are approved for use in Floorball, shown by CE- marking and the text 'Recommended by IFF'”.