Unforced referees

 “Unforced referees” is a new project that will start from the season 2017/18 on.

An unforced referee is a referee that might enjoy more to referee a game than playing it. He or she aims at becoming a better referee, with the goal to attain the best level of refereeing.

If you feel like this definition matches your profile, you are the perfect candidate for the job as an “unforced referee”!

Job description 

  • An “unforced referee” will always referee with another “unforced referee”. The Referee Committee will establish the “unforced referee” pairs, and in which categories the referee pairs will referee. The latter decision is based on the practical refereeing skills of the referees, not only on the scores of the theoretical exam. 
  • The “unforced referee” pair should be available at least 3 weekends a month for refereeing one or two games a day (Saturday OR Sunday). The “unforced referees” can communicate if they prefer to referee on Saturday or Sunday.
  • It is the responsibility of the referee pair to organise themselves how to arrive together to the location of the game. Within all possibilities, the ride will be limited to 60 km from the home of the referees. Travel expenses will be reimbursed when the ride is done for refereeing purposes ONLY. If one of the two “unforced referees” plays, coaches or fulfils any other function for a club on the same location that he or she referees a game, then no reimbursement for the travel expenses will be made.
  • The regular referee reimbursement applies (as listed in the BFF League Rules 2017-2018)

Required profile

  • Motivation
  • Valid BFF referee licence (A, B or C) 

If you're motivated to be an "unforced referee" for the season 2017/18, please send an email to info@floorballbelgium.be, by 10/09/2017!