Update referee course (Dutch session)

There is a change in the schedule of the Dutch session of the referee course (and exam) taking place on Sunday 3 September: 

Start Beginners coure: 10:00 

Exam (Beginners): 12:45-13:30

Exam (Advanced): 13:30-14:15

No changes with regard to location and instructors! 

Location: Sporthal De Ponte (Tielt) 
Instructors: Stefan Dossche and Mathieu Florin. 

Some important remarks: 
- The Beginners courses are obligatory for all referees who had a C-license in 2016-2017 or the people who had no license in 2016-2017. Please review the BFF and IFF rules before the course.
- The referees who have an A or B license during the season 2016-2017 don't have to attend any course. They can take the theoretical exam (in Dutch, French, or English) on the same dates and at the same locations where the beginner courses take place (see the time in the planning).
- Referee course instructors and A+ referees are exempted from the exam.