Club and team registration season 2017-2018

The registration of the clubs and teams 2017-2018 is complete! 
Good news from the Youth and Women League: 

- U10: In total 7 teams were registered. One team more (Tornado) than past season 

- U13: In total 11 teams were registered. Three teams more (Flo-Mark Bullets, Tornado, and a second team of Strijtem) 

- U16: 10 teams were registered. No changes 

- U19: 9 teams were registered. One team more (Atom Eagles)

- Women: 6 teams were registered. One team more (Fireballs Tielt) 

With regard to the Adults League: in total 28 teams were registered. This is one less than we had for the season 2016-2017. The structure of the Adults League 2017-2018 will look as follows: 

- D1: 8 teams 

- D2: 8 teams 

- D3: 6 teams and 6 teams (regionalisation)  



This has the following implications for the play-offs (semi-finals and finals): 

- Only the winner of the match P11 (14 May, at 13:00) will stay/promote to D1 

- Only the winner of the match P10 (14 May, at 10:00) will stay/promote to D2