Cup 24-09-2017

This is the schedule of the Cup games that will be played in Tielt: 

10:00 Fireballs Tielt Black - Black Hawks de Mons
12:00 Kraainem Tigers - FT Atom Eagles B


(Inter)national weekend season 2017/18

Here the dates of the (in)ternational weekends of the season 2017/18, for all National Teams (Women, U19, Men):  

Unforced referees

 “Unforced referees” is a new project that will start from the season 2017/18 on.

An unforced referee is a referee that might enjoy more to referee a game than playing it. He or she aims at becoming a better referee, with the goal to attain the best level of refereeing.

If you feel like this definition matches your profile, you are the perfect candidate for the job as an “unforced referee”!

Job description 

International Weekend 8-10 September 2017

To all people who would like to watch some quality floorball games and visit a beautiful and sunny country, here a suggestion for a city trip in September! The Adults and U19 National Teams will travel to Granada for the International Floorball Weekend .. Lots of games and many different nations on the schedule! 

Here the schedule of the Belgian teams : 
Friday 08/09/2017 
16:00 Belgium – France 
18:30 Spain U19 – Belgium U19

Saturday 09/09/2017 
16:00 Iceland – Belgium 
18:30 Belgium U19 – Spain U19 

Update referee course (Dutch session)

There is a change in the schedule of the Dutch session of the referee course (and exam) taking place on Sunday 3 September: 

Start Beginners coure: 10:00 

Exam (Beginners): 12:45-13:30

Exam (Advanced): 13:30-14:15

No changes with regard to location and instructors! 

Location: Sporthal De Ponte (Tielt) 
Instructors: Stefan Dossche and Mathieu Florin. 

National Transfers between two Rounds (BFF League Rule 5.2)

5.1 National transfers at the end of the season
Players in the Youth league can transfer freely from one club to another at the end of every season. The new club will register the players for the new season according to the normal player registration procedure (see “4.3.1 Licenses” of the BFF League Rules 2017-2018).

Champions 2016/17

Congratulations to Juventus Floorball Club for winning both the Belgian Championship and Cup 2016/17 for the second season in a row! 

Regionalisation D3 2017-2018

The third division will be regionalised again during the season 2017-2018. 
This is the overview of teams per division: 

D3 West 

Atom Eagles B 

Fireballs Tielt 

Foxing Furious 

RLH Grand Cru 

Stimulo Falcons 

TMD Aalst Gold

D3 East

Black Hawks de Mons  

Black Dragons Mons 

FBC Sharks Meix

Les Panthers de Hannut B

Les Vikings d'Auvelais 


Prize Ceremony Season 2016-2017

The Prize Ceremony of the season 2016-2017 will take place in Tielt, on Sunday 14 May, at 20:30. The topscorers & first, second and third ranked teams of all leagues (Adults, Women, U13, U16, U19) will receive an award. The champions of all leagues and all U10 league players will also receive a medal!

Playoffs finals 2016-2017

On Sunday 14 May the playoffs finals will be played in Tielt! This is the planning of the day: 

09:00 FT Atom Eagles B - Redskins Cherokees
10:00 Black Hawks de Mons - Floorballteam Strijtem B
12:00 Tornado Hurricanes - Juventus Floorball Club Bianconeri
13:00 FT Atom Eagles A - Les Renards de La Hulpe 
15:00 Floorballteam Strijtem A - Tornado Brussels Floorball

16:00: Friendly games of the U10 teams of Fireballs Tielt, Floorballteam Strijtem, Juventus Floorball Club and TMD Aalst. 


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